Aha Devanae California

It is a woman's right to choose

Abortion should be legal

Dear Future President,

All humans have the right to choose whether an unborn child that they want should be here or more . Based on only in extreme cases such as rape or incest. It is important to be aware of causes like that because they are innocent human beings who didn't choose to be here. However  Pro-choice is for  the mother to  choose what they want. But each person should  have a  choice and needs to know that they have to be responsible for not only themselves but another human being to. Abortion should be legal.

Abortion should be made legal  because if they do have sexual intercourse the people need to take responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences. If it was an unintended pregnancy instead of abortion they should consider adopting the baby. I truly believe that making abortion legal  will make the teens have a better look on their decision making and letting them feel better about themselves for something they didn't want. People need to realize that it should be a choice !! And it's an actually the best choice that you make to better yourself if you feel to get rid of a fetus or human being.