Alana P. Arizona


Dear Mr. President:

I would like to address the issue of transgender. The transgender community has been receiving a lot of negative attention as of late. I personally am not part of the transgender community, but I have personal relations with people who are in the community, and what they have told me, none of it is good. In my opinion, all lives matter and they should be worth more than the bullying they receive.

The fact that people in the transgender community are greatly affected by the things people are saying about them, that sometimes drives them to commit suicide or to hide their true selves, just to protect themselves from the hate and misunderstanding of people who don’t know what they went through to be at the point they are in their lives right now. I think that members of the transgender community should be accepted and treated as equally as every other student.

In an article, I read ‘PBS News Transgender Issues’, Joody Woodruff, Yasmeen Qureshi, Maddie Dalton, Casandra Kasey, Tony Prince, and Thomas Aberli all have the same opinion about the transgender community; they want the transgender community to have the same amount of acceptance of diversity throughout the country, that they have in theirs. One of them says that “It makes you a target for bullying and, like, harassment. The girls at school expect to be able to go into a restroom and feel safe.” Transgenders just want to be accepted into the community and be able to live their life like they want to.

Transgenders want equal rights and they are wanting bathroom privileges. They want to feel safe using the bathroom and walking down the halls. This letter is not only to inform you about the transgender issues, but to tell you that these people have feelings, just like you and me. These people took a risk to be themselves in this world, so who are we to judge them when society tells us to be ourselves and then turns around and tells you that you being yourself is not good enough, so you have to be someone else.

I think that you should inform yourself and get to know some people from the transgender community before you make any decisions that can possibly have a negative or a positive effect on them. Thank you for your time, have a nice day.


Alana Piper