Sarah p.2 Arizona

Hazardous Waste

About the need for a system to dispose of household hazardous waste.

Dear Next President,

I would like to begin by congratulating you on your recent win of the Presidential election. America has chosen to put their future in your hands.

What do you see as the future path of America when it concerns the problem of polluting the environment? On average every household in the United States produces four pounds of household hazardous waste a year, that is five hundred thirty thousand tons a year of hazardous waste. In every home, under the sink or on a self there is probably a disinfectant or cleaner that is considered hazardous waste. These hazardous wastes could be anything from detergent, bleach, furniture polisher, medicine, cosmetics, batteries, air freshener, or paint. Many people do not know the harm that can be done to the environment it these products are not disposed of correctly. Many people just pour their waste down the drain or throw it in the trash can, but adding the waste to the water, polluting it. Even a couple people might burn the extra chemicals, but they do not realize that the gases released from doing so build up in the atmosphere and contribute to destroying the ozone layer.

I believe that the way to reduce the amount of household hazardous waste produced is through awareness and implementing a department in each state that should regulate the distribution and disposal of household hazardous waste. The citizens of the United States should know about how what they are buying is affecting their environment, and they should be encouraged to purchase items that contain less hazardous substitutes and dispose of them at a hazardous waste disposal facility. In every city there should be established a hazardous waste facility where household waste can be properly disposed of.


Sarah p.2