Cecelia Arizona

College Tuition

College tuition should be lowered.

Dear Next President,

Congratulations on being voted into Presidency! As a junior in high school, I have noticed a weighing fear of college, purely because of college tuition. In fact, the cost of college is rising faster than any good. But minimum wage jobs, some of the only jobs available to college students, have not come close to keeping up with the inflation of college tuition cost. Because state legislators cut budgets for education, public schools were forced to raise tuitions, which then forced students pull out larger school loans. Since 1978, the cost of college has been raised by 1120% and state funding for colleges has been cut by 40%. (Jarett Moreno).

What I would like to see is one of two things. First, minimum wage could be raised in order to help college students pay off their loans, or simply help them to live better during their lives in college. Secondly, colleges could be given a maximum amount of money that they are allowed to charge students attending their schools. These are only two of hundreds of ways that we could fix this problem, but I believe that they are most efficient ways that could help people all over the United States.

In the end, I would like to see students worrying less about being able to pay off their college debt and more involved in their school work and taking the classes that they would like to take. This could potentially help to lower the stress levels of the average American student. Personally, there are hundreds of college classes I would like to take and a handful of majors I wish I could choose, but because I do not have the money for it, they are dreams that I will never be able to fulfill.


Cecelia Period 1