Alisha T. Arizona


Transgenders should not be forced to do anything. This letter shows where I stand on the subject.

Dear Future President,

Transgender issues about what bathroom they should use is becoming outrageous. In every state, there are so many people worried about transgenders using the same restroom as their kids. Some of the parents are worried about the rape rates going up. They are also worried about their children getting bullied because they are “different”.

According to PBS Newshour, gender dysphoria is a difficult situation for a teenager to manage; nearly half of all transgender teens around the country report having suicidal thoughts. This is completely unacceptable, no one should have suicidal thoughts because of who they are. Maddie Dalton, student of Atherton High School says, “It’s a little bit scary in the very beginning, I suppose, because you know that you’re going to face a lot of discrimination.” Also stated by Maddie, “It makes you a target for bullying and, like, harassment. It puts in everyone’s mind that you’re different, and you’re something to be looked at, not as, like, a person, but as whatever characteristics are differentiating you, like being trans.” In all reality, people are going to talk about what they want, but they are tearing down innocent children. They are looking at young individuals like they are nasty. Do you really think our world should be like this? Having grown adults bullying children. Pathetic.

As children grow they are developing who they will be as a person. This also includes their sexuality or who they really are as a person. Many parents are starting to worry about their own kids going to school. Parents are looking into online schools rather than public school. The fear of our children getting bullied is the main reason for all of the problems we have. Being scared about what they don’t know about is causing everyone to bully those who should only be supported. Most people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transsexual usually want nothing to do with younger children, let alone individuals who are in a bathroom. I don’t see many stories about people getting raped in the bathroom or anything happening in bathrooms besides children fighting over boys or girls. Instead of worrying about what is going on with our transgender community we should be worrying about what our peers are doing to each other.

In conclusion, I am asking for you take the life of transgenders seriously. I know that there are bigger things you have to worry about but this is becoming a major issue. I don’t expect you to agree with me, but I do expect something to happen in changing our way of thinking. I am asking you to take their feelings into consideration. People are starting to kill themselves over this and I don’t want to see any more bodies hit the floor.


Alisha Leeanne Thurman

Concerned LGBT Member