Annika M. New Jersey

Reducing Meat Consumption

Reducing meat consumption is better for the environment and our health.

Dear future president, 

Some people think that only one more person eating less meat can’t be doing much. Those people actually mistaken. If you decided not to eat meat every Monday, you’re doing better for the environment than taking shorter showers for the rest of your life. Reducing meat consumption is a problem that i want to fix. Here are some of the things we could do to help this problem.

If we aren’t breeding as many animals then we would be having less environmental issues. This leads back to greenhouse gases and that cows and other farm animals are producing those gases and polluting the air. Greenhouse gases are causing global warming which is already a big issue. So if we stop eating more meat we will be buying less meat products, so they will stop breeding so many animals.

According to Doctor Hazen at Cleveland clinic, eating less meat is also a much healthier choice. Eating less meat can actually decrease the risk of heart disease. A study found that the carnitine reacts with the microbes in our gut the. Carnitine is a nutrient found in meat in red meat.

Some farmers are killing animals in very cruel and inhumane ways. To mark cows for identification, ranches restrain the animals and press hot fire irons into their flesh causes third degree burns, as the cows bellow in pain and try to escape. Factories also raise the cows to be eaten. They fed their cattle things that aren’t necessarily good for them, like things to make them bigger so they can sell more meat off of one cow. Over 10 million animals are raised in factory conditions. 

Some people may say that meat is the best source of protein and that it is necessary for a protein source. What most people will tell you that eggs and things like kidney beans are a great source of protein. There are foods that have the same health benefits as meat like, eggs, beans, rice, and almonds.

“One meat-free day can help tackle climate change. Eat less meat, Save the world.” Someone once said. That quote basically sums up what i am trying to say. If we eat less meat then we will be doing better all around. So please, before the next time you decide to eat meat, Think about all benefits there are for reduction in meat consumption. One more person could change the world. 

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