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Lowering College Tuition

This letter provides ideas of ways to lower college tuition in the future.

 Dear, Mr. or Madame President

Congratulations, you have successfully become president. Whichever one you are, I need you to take a moment a look around. Look at the room you are sitting in, take note of all that is around you, the people, the furniture...the walls. Take a deep breathe and let the room settle in. Now in this letter I am supposed to come to you with an issue, but that is all we have in this country is issue after issue. Now as a previous presidential candidate, Iā€™m positive you've done your research on them. So instead ranting to you about an issue you probably already heard about a thousand times, how about we discuss solutions.

An issue that I think is worthy of discussion is the rising cost in college tuition. As I'm sure you're aware, college tuition over the past fifty years have skyrocketed from about two hundred dollars to an average of 25,000 dollars, As demonstrated by the graph below ( at the very end)

Now before we come up solutions, we need to look at the cause. The first is obviously inflation of prices following economic trend of the past fifty years, with the combination of the decrease in public funding. The second is how the colleges spend the money. It often is used for sports team, such as the generous amounts of money coaches and professors are being paid. Another factor is the amenities that the college provides. College try to boost their popularity by offering or constructing luxuries such as rock walls and lazy rivers that would keep not only applications flying in but prices going up in the process.

Now for the real question: how does one lower the cost of college tuition. In order to fix this problem, we must monitor college and university spending. If you were to look at big colleges such as University of Michigan or University of Texas you can see that they are big football colleges, which often brings in big money, yet what is that money used on? Why is it being used there and how does this cause college prices to go up? Approximately 37% is used on the team while the other percentages are use to make for the sports teams that can not create a revenue. The case here is,and I know this sound condescending, but cut the teams who can't make a revenue and instead of running them for just college level, fund a larger amount to city sports programs; because the sports programs that aren't as popular rack up debt for the school. They do this through students go to the school with scholarship while normal student who have to pay up for their poor quality. The money saved from cutting those teams should go towards that actual college, so that instead of demanding incoming student to pay up. The Money In turn the could assist in building repairs and construction.

Another solution would to be for the college to start more businesses, such as sports stars that would allow people to buy their product off campus yet still have the funds go toward, therefore earning the college money. My last solution for fixing the cost of tuition, is to have the colleges be sponsored by local food chains or restaurant, because they often reap the benefit of having access to the student, in term of food, so they want a restaurant on campus have them pay a fee, or motivate them to sponsor the college in some way or another allowing the school to get the money need to upgrade and fund the education that is going on there.

In the end, this will not only earn the colleges more money but it might increase the number of student attendance. The number one reason people don't go to college is because it's too expensive, yet if its is lowered a high amount of people will attend, hearing the college even more money as they accept these new students.

I hope that these solutions have helped you get a different perspective of how to solve the problem of growing college tuition.

Good luck in the future.


Mackayla Crocker 

Clarkston Community Schools

Eisele IB ELA 12


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