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Teachers' Wage Cuts

The wage cuts upon teachers.

Dear Future President,

I'm writing to you concerned about the cutting of our national fundings for teachers, as a student myself I feel like cutting teachers' funding will also cut my learning experience at my public school. See, in my perspective as a student, I feel like if teachers' pay is getting cut, and it's hard for them to even support their family and kids or even themselves. What is the motive for them to even work? It will cause all sorts of problems.

The problems we are gonna hit are, teachers are gonna quit their jobs, the lessons are gonna be extremely affected because of laziness. The incentive to work in a career that you’re making so much less than any other job and not have enough to even barely support yourself is a hard job to stay in and even put effort in teaching. Teachers are gonna quit, all the teachers who actually care about students will leave, teachers who inspire kids to go far are going to be gone trying to find new jobs, school will be full of kids not able to capture the full experience of school from grades one through twelve. The teachers will just be lazy and won't even bother to help the students because their pay is so little.

In 2006, based on the research of National Education Association, teachers earned less than $154 less per week than comparable professions, such as journalism and nursing. The United States will hit a shortage or teachers because no one wants a job where you get paid so badly.

On a CNN article written by Jareen Imam, it stated that, “The government is set to cut $85 billion through the end of the fiscal year, September 30. Of that money, $2.5 billion will be coming out of the Department of Education's $70 billion budget. Uncertainties surround how these large cuts will affect schools, because the decisions will be made on the state and local levels. But with budget cuts looming, many teachers like Milders are wondering what's left to cut.” Based on this article, obviously cutting teachers will lead to crowded classrooms and more pressure on the teachers who didn't get laid off to control all the students, causing the learning environment to weaken.

People may argue that teaching is something they wanted their whole life, and that they have a mindset for teaching but, in the real world, there only such a large group of people who are dedicated towards teaching.

So, stopping the budget cuts for our nation's teachers, will increase the efforts for students lessons and also the continuous growth for our nation's teachers to continue to grow and suit our students to become future leaders.

So future president, how will you take a stand for our future leaders, help the kids get better education? Also, to help us push for a better future? We are the nation’s best hopes.


Steven N. 

Avondale High School

Avondale High School

Honors English 10

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