Braeden Washington

Braeden's words to the Next President

A good summary of how to be a good one

Dear President,

How are you? I hope you're doing well while planning our next couple years in America. Whoever this be, I might have a couple suggestions for you in the coming future events of our lives with a new president. First of all, No war. If we have war then that means more government spending. We need to cut government spending and decrease the national debt. While rocking out to Faith No More, just relax and take it slow. There's no rush in pleasing the american people and most people don't like government anyway, they'll probably be some people that don't like you anyway. Please be good to the people no matter what they say. 

Now you're president, you might be on TV, give a couple speeches, sign a few bills. Maybe realize that people aren't thinking about you all the time and just are working for the day. Don't cause any trouble with you're fellow Americans. If you want to make a fool of yourself on the news and TV then go ahead. Trust noone, but don't be afraid to take your thoughts and plans into motion. Maybe one day we can make peace with the middle east but for now it's too late to cause war with a country that so far away. If they want to mess with us then give them hell. For now though please just sit back relax and watch Faith No More concerts. And if this is Trump then all I have to say to you is OK. Good Luck