Dylan P. Washington

The value of wood shop

CTE and wood shop classes are being shutdown all around the country, but wood shop classes teach lots of things that benefit kids. Schools should be funded enough to provide these classes!

Dear next President of the U.S.

My issue is the closing of CTE and wood shop class in public schools. In many schools around the country and in my city the CTE classes for metal shop have already been shut down, and many wood shop classes are being closed down currently. CTE and Wood shop classes should be funded because not every kid wants to go in to a career focused on science or math and we should teach the skills needed to pursue careers in more hands-on fields. Also different people learn in different ways, people with a kinesthetic learning style benefit greatly from the time in wood shop classes. As shown in the article why everyone should take a shop class shop classes teach self-reliance, persistence, and it can start students on the path towards a hands on career. By closing down the program it would hinder the growth of many upcoming students because the skills kids develop in wood shop can’t be taught in other classes. Some people might say that schools should shift their focus to teaching about computers but learning to work with your hand is just as important as learning how to correctly use word! I hope in the future you will make changes on the availability of CTE and wood shop classes by increasing founding for public schools.                                                                                 

The Community School

Voices of TCS

Students, let your voices be heard by the next President of the United States!

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