Markell S. Montana

World Wide Peace

In order to reach world wide peace we must first respect each others differences.


Dear Future President,

Peace is needed to greatly expand our future. Peace is a very controversial issue, some people believe that it is impossible to get to while others oppose that and think that we can, we just have to work together and we can live in this beautiful world in harmony. I believe in that. If we take a less selfish approach to other countries and more of a cooperative approach that would be the baby steps to the way to harmony in this world.

According to "The National World War 2 Museum", during World War 2 around 80 million deaths were recorded, that was about 4% of the world’s population back then. Out of these 80 million around half or more were civilians who didn’t want to fight. Going to war puts millions of innocent people in danger and at risk of dying for something they may of not believed in. This isn’t only hurting our people emotionally but also economically. It costs big bucks to repay all war debts and environment destructions that happened during war. With peace we can put these problems to an end. Although there are some good counterpoints to peace. Some people believe that worldwide peace is impossible and will never happen. Either because there will always be someone who disagrees with someone else or the belief that in life conflict is inevitable. My response to those ideas is yes there will be conflict or disagreement but try not to be urged to act radically when approached with the opposing idea or belief. Instead respect their idea and or belief and cooperate with them to find a solution to dealing with each other’s disagreements.

Also a way to start this process could be by just being better citizens and programs to be better citizens in our country so we become more friendly and optimistic toward issues like this. We should approach people’s ideas with an open mind and not be so quick to judge. That statement right there could be a petition or a new movement, approach ideas open mindedly. Then ally with any cooperating countries to grow this belief more. With peace comes less worldwide stress, faster and more efficient human progress, more love less hate, wars would be a thing of the past, through this we would rid the world of terrorism and bring harmony to everywhere and everyone. We can live like we should with each other in this beautiful world and enjoy for what it is. When we come together and combine our strengths we get rid of a lot of our weaknesses and create amazing new ideas.


Markell S. 

Billings Public Library

TE - Billings, MT

TE - Billings, MT

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