Theodore H. Missouri

How to Boost Connections With Russia

Four issues that are causing a falling out with Russia and how to fix them.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

This election year is crazy. I am just going to start with that. However, nobody should feel more disrespected and cheated than Vladimir Putin. Whenever a cyber attack against the U.S. is organized, he is immediately blamed. We need to pay attention to the fact that not all cyber attacks are Russian, but that's not the only problem with our connections with Russia. Lately our connections with them are as low as the Cold War standards. Many issues are the cause of this and I have several propositions on how to improve U.S.-Russian connections in each of the categories as well as giving many facts and reasons we should not cause strife with Russia.

First issue: Cyber attacks. Wikileaks revelations are pouring in lately but the thing everybody is concerned about is one simple question. Not what's in them, but who is behind all this? We know Julian Assange is the head of Wikileaks so why is the brunt of the blame heading to Russia? He isn't Russian, he doesn't live in Russia, and to my knowledge, he has no connection to Russia. I know that the Russian hackers are skilled and have hacked American servers before, but we shouldn't blame them without evidence every time we get hacked. It could be American hackers for all we know! 

Once we have evidence, we can make an estimated guess and try to make peace with them, maybe try to find out why they carried out the cyber attack. We are not thinking about it like we should to be completely honest. If they actually do hack us, than the accusations are true, and if that happens, we should not be aggressive or retaliate. That's why our connections are so bad.

Solution: Do not immediately blame Russia for everything bad that happens to us until you have legitimate evidence.

Second issue: Syria. One reason our country's relation with Russia is failing is because of this war in Syria. I don't know why we are in there trying to be the world's police. We can't fight every war, and we all know this. With air strike issues and heated debates about American intervention in Syria, our connections with Russia are plummeting. If we want to remain neutral with them or become positive, we must not interfere with the Syrian civil war unless we are helping civilians survive by aiding them with food, water, and shelter.

Solution: Do not interfere in the war with Syria except for helping refugees keep safe without flooding other countries.

Third issue: Weapons and war prep. Russia is a very powerful country and so is the U.S.A. Neither of us should be at war with each other because so many innocent Americans and Russians die. Weapons developed by both countries are getting insanely powerful. For example: Russia recently made the Satan-2 nuclear missile. It is boasted to have the destructive power to destroy Texas in one hit, cannot be detected by radar, is fast enough to get through missile defense, and ICBMs developed by Russia can target areas and launch 10 of these at once! But if we make peace with them and ally with them, we could use their strength and combine it with ours and wipe ISIS off the face of the Earth. They also have many things like nuclear-proof bunkers.

Solution: Join them in preparing for the fight against ISIS and limit weapon developing.

Overall, thank you Mr./Mrs. President for reading this letter outlining the things we need to do to fix connections with Russia. I congratulate you on winning this tough, crazy election and I wish you luck on dealing with these issues facing and concerning our country.


Theodore H.

Bode Middle School

3rd Hour

Ms. Clark's 3rd Hour

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