Boe Meh Washington


The issue of an immigrant is important because we want them to have a better life.

Boe Meh

Foster High School

4242 S 144th St

Tukwila, WA 98168

November 7, 2016

Dear Future President,

Imagine you really wanted to immigrate a dark country, how would you feel if it took a time consuming, long process? I was born in Thailand and I’ve observed people dying of starvation. One day my family and I decided to move to the US, so we applied for it. We were waited a year and a half. While we were waiting, we had to do two separate interviews with the union nation officer, had a shot, had a physical exam, and had to take class which will help prepare to use in the US. After the year and a half passed, it was my family time to come to the US in the year of 2009. We were about to leave a country, Thailand, but my father fainted while waiting for the officer to pick us up. This occurred because my family and I couldn’t come to the US. We had to restart the whole process over again and we waited for another year. My family and I were disappointed and almost gave up and nearly decided to drop our voyage to the US because a lot of things come in our mind after the process was not successful. We tried our best to be as patient as possible. We finally got to come to the US in 2010. I would like you to make it easier for immigrants by cutting off some of the process.

One reason why I said make it easier for immigrate was because I believe that substantial amount of people have a hard time living in their country, that’s why they wanted to emigrate their country or also they might want to have a better life. They wouldn’t want to immigrate out of their country if their country had no current national predicaments. By predicament, I mean, not enough education, human abuse, or struggle finding food to survive. Make the process easier for them so that they will feel better. And also if they wait, they will be more patience. Especially, if they have to start all the immigration process again, (like my family), they will feel better if there’s a simpler procedure to access a safer country. Another good reason of easy immigration is sustaining diversity in the United States.

In addition, we wanted to show other nations that America is a kind and understanding country. Sometimes we have to know how other feel if they don’t have what they need or don’t get to receive a good stuff as people in the US. Rich people can’t be rich forever and the same with poor citizens. We’ll never know when is our turn to be like them so we need to help each other out. Some people yearned to have an education. We wanted to making sure that every person is satisfied with their life. We can show them that American country is caring and understand empathy by cutting off some of the immigration process.

Lastly, we wanted to make sure that everyone feel secured and be happy with their life. I feel like it is unjust that some countries are really safe and others are not. Since America is one of the richest countries, we should help out people who have a hard time by cutting of the process. Thus, allowing people to immigrate the US is good but make it easier and cutting off some of the steps in the process is even better


Boe Meh

Foster High School

Civics - Period 5

Civics period 5

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