Joseph D. California

Better Support for Veterans

Veterans need better support in the health care department. Veterans suffer mental problems and physical problems when they come back Stateside from the world. Even veterans are being denied health care and aid .

Dear Future President,

This letter is to address the problem of better support for veterans in our country. The support for veterans is being denied in the health care section. Health care also focuses on physical and mental health. Another area of focus is on the funding against veteran affairs. As you delve in these areas more you may find certain things that you didn’t know.

To begin with, this problem with veterans being denied health care as a service caused me to write about this to you as it gained my attention. I first learned about veteran problems from my father, who was a veteran in the U.S. Army who told me about the suicides of veterans, and then I learned more from watching a video talking about more problems that veterans suffer when they return stateside from the world. I then looked up more information and found out that there are veterans being denied services in health care. Another reason why, is that the health care for some veterans is needed because some return damaged and injured physically, but some suffer mental health problems as a result of combat and death around them.

The problem with health care for veterans, is that people are being denied, and aid at VA hospitals are being denied it also. The problem with health care is that even if there are more physically injured, there’s also veterans that come with mental health problems which leads to suicide. Department of Veterans Affairs statistics show, 20 veterans die every day, and out of the 20 veterans that die by suicide 6 were receiving VA services. Another 18% of suicides as of 2014 are accounted for by veterans, and veterans are 8.5% of the whole American population that live in the United States. There are some veterans who are also being denied medication for their injuries from battles. Maritime-Executive wrote. that navy veterans are being denied assistance and compensation for plausible exposure to agent orange. As John wells a lawyer that is representing blue water navy vets said “It wasn’t completely unexpected. We are used to being betrayed by the VA,”. There are some veterans that are by themselves even being denied healthcare. The New York Times said, that even veterans with dishonorable discharges are being denied health care even though they fought, but the problem is that they fought also and they even return scarred from many battle which caused them to do something to get a dishonorable discharge. Even if they were dishonorably discharged they still should receive health care benefits as the suicide rate for those veterans was nearly four times higher than the veterans who were honorably discharged, according to the New York Times. Even though the Department of Veteran Affairs has programs to help those such Veteran Crisis Line (VCL) sooner or later it won’t work, and a possible solution is to review and change some of the policies in the Department of Veterans Affairs. Yet another reason why, is that the Republicans are against obama, and believe that there are better things to spend on.

The funding against veterans is high right now as politicians are going against the obama, think of different for funding instead of veterans.The Huffington post wrote, 41 Republican senators voted against a bill that supported and give funding to veterans who are injured and now are blaming the VA. The Wall Street Journal Wrote, about Obama had asked congress for $168.8 billion, but instead got $163.9 billion instead of the amount he requested. The site USUncut.Com said, there was a bill that would give 20,000 veterans job, but the bill got denied by republican senators.

In conclusion, veterans are need of help and assistance should be on one of the first things on your list. The main areas you should focus on are the health care of physical and mental. Support for the veterans is necessary as we they fought for our freedom, but they come at a cost and that cost is never good.


Joseph Dillon