Gabby C. Connecticut

Veterans Rights

Veterans have been dishonorably discharged for undiagnosed PTSD. Meaning they will not receive the rest of their payment and health care they rightfully deserve for serving.

Dear President,

There are approximately 12,700 homeless veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan war, due to undiagnosed PTSD, stated by the American Physiological Association. These Veterans are being dishonorably discharged for undiagnosed PTSD, Meaning they will not receive benefits or health care. They are being discharged because the Military did not screen or test them for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. These veterans were dishonorably discharged because they, were drinking and using illicit drugs and, broke the honor “code” they had promised to abide and signed when first enlisting. They did so because they needed to cope and find an escape to the vile situation they encountered when serving.

I am a student at Greenwich High School in CT, I strongly believe that veterans deserve better, not only in income but when coming back home. I have so much passion for this topic because last year I did a school project on this exact issue. It started off of just being a project but then I started to look more into it and saw all the horrible things veterans were put through. When these vets come back they don't have any money and most of them have know where to go because there parents will not let them come back or family. The reason for this is because a dishonorable discharge is known as a crime in the Military. Since this is considered a crime it goes on the vets résumé making it close to impossible to get employed. Leaving veterans nowhere to go but the streets.

According to The Washington Times “Two months after attempting suicide and receiving a less than honorable discharge from the Army, Kristofer Goldsmith received a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) diagnosis from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs” This man went without being scanned for PTSD and received a less than honorable discharge. As a result he had a very hard time finding a job. I can't explain in any other way how important this topic is and how it needs a resolution. This issue is a vile and unjustified problem that needs a solution for the better of our country and the better of our soldiers. If this isn't resolved the united states might not have any veterans to protect our country from all the threats we take in.

If people new more about this topic we can pass a bill against it but it's not that easy. According to Vital Statistics, the 112th Congress in 2011-2012 passed only 283 laws which is the record-lowest to date. We can have people spread awareness but first you need to help. Spreading awareness is definitely a good step into solving this problem but that can only get you so far. As president it will be your duty to help those in need, stop this awful problem There are some laws already put in place but are not helping. You have the power to change that please take my letter into consideration and help. 

Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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