Cindy M. California

Police Brutality

Police brutality is an issue that is getting worse and worse throughout time. People don't feel safe with the ones that are suppose to keep us safe.So Mr. or Mrs. president please look into this issue that the people are facing.

Dear next president,

I believe you should take in notice about all the injustices that have been committed by the police.Police brutality is a problem and I believe it will always be a problem,if we don’t find a way to stop it.This is an issue I think you should look into because police have committed many injustice towards the people.Police have taken away many lives that they shouldn’t have.Many people don’t feel safe with the people that are suppose to keep us safe.I get that not all police are unfair or “bad” but this is how a big amount of people see them and reasons why there isn’t so much respect towards the police.People need to feel safe with the police,and we the people should always respect the law and the law should respect us.

According to the tenth amendment not all power is given to the federal government, which means there is local and state government that is mainly the people. So local government has a representative that the people who live in that city/county etc.. chose.With this every city/county etc.. has their own pair of laws and constitutions that other local governments may not have ( Which mean that you the president can not pass a law saying for example “no police may shoot before asking”, due to the fact that that local issues aren’t under the federal government.

But not all people think that police brutality is an issue to worry about.Some people think that the police are just doing their job and that they have the right to defend themselves ( people believe that the people that are against police brutality are the ones that have no respect for the authority ,we don’t follow the law and we can’t accept the fact that we get “caught” for breaking the law.

Some thing you the president can do is influence the people in making better choices.Because well you are the president and by you taking interest in a local issue is important to the people.There should also be changes in the way one should become a police officer,it only takes 2 years to become one.I say that is very little time,one should get tested psychological wise because there has been incidents in where a police officer commits injustice because they are racist.They should also be trained and taught that they can't abuse the power that is given to them , some not all but some officers act and believe that they are the owner of the city just because they are a cop.But its not true they aren't, they need to be fair with everyone and reasons why i believe they should gets tests to see who they are because it's not convenient to have a racist, ignorant cop(

This is why I believe police brutality is an issue that needs to be taken care of.

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