Alejandra C California

Adoption is Always an Option

I am pro-life. For many, that is hard to understand, even more to respect, since today many teenagers my age,17, support the practice of abortion. I'm proud of my own values and live life according to what I believe. My opinion is mine and the opinions of others is theirs. My letter expresses my take on abortion and alternatives one can turn to.

Dear Future President:

As you know, the significant majority of people today support abortion.  I’d like to give you my insight about that topic. Abortion to me is unfair. Therefore, yes I am against it. Some, mainly women and female teenagers, may argue that it should remain legal because of circumstances such as rape that often lead to unwanted pregnancies. Now, just because I don’t support abortion, doesn’t imply that I support rape because I don’t.  In fact, I believe abortion should only be offered to rape victims if necessary. But, overall I don’t agree with abortion because a life is a life and no one should have the power to decide to end the life of one that can’t fend for itself.

It is more than understandable for a victim of rape to want to follow through with abortion. What is not understandable to me, is the fact that adoption is an option and still these women prefer abortion. Thousands of families long for the day they’ll be given the opportunity to adopt and finally have someone to call a child of their own. On the other hand, not all women who have abortions are victims of rape. Some, are simply irresponsible women who did not have protected sex with their partner. That is what angers me: knowing that a woman could terminate an innocent life because a condom wasn’t used or because she didn’t want to go on birth control. To me, that’s selfish. In order to satisfy their own needs and increase the risk of ending up pregnant, they still choose to have unprotected sex. It is not the fault of the lives being terminated. It is the fault of the two that had sex without protection. Therefore, they should take responsibility.

According to ‘Abortion Statistics’ presented on the Orlando Women’s center website, 1.21 million abortions were performed in 2005 which is insane. Although, right now I don’t have the power to make any laws regarding abortion, I am powerful enough to influence those around me which is what I’ll do for now. Future President, you have the power that I don’t have, the power to make abortion illegal or at least to only allow it if the pregnancy was due to rape. Even then, these women can be guided and provided with emotional support to either keep the baby or put it up for adoption. I am not religious; in fact I don’t believe in God. I say this because many people assume that those who are against abortion are religious. But I do believe in humanity and abortion is not humane.


Alejandra Camarillo

The Preuss School UCSD

Block 6

AP English Lit & Comp, B Day

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