Zane N. Montana

Homeless Veterans

In my letter I explain Veteran Rights and Affairs focusing specifically on veteran homelessness and unemployment and how we can help to reduce veteran homelessness and unemployment and eventually end it.

Oct. 14, 2016

Dear Future President,

As a student in America there are many issues in the world and our country that are important to talk about. But the issue that I think we need to focus on is Veterans Rights and Affairs specifically veteran homelessness and unemployment. There are men and women who have served our country bravely who are homeless and unemployed. This is an issue we must face.

Why should we just leave them like this? In January of 2014 communities identified 49,933 homeless veterans. Thats 8.6 percent of the total homeless population. Many of these vets suffer from ptsd, 15 percent of men and 34.1 percent of women. These people need to be helped so they don’t have to suffer anymore. There are organizations out there that are already trying. If we got more people involved I believe we could help more veterans find homes and jobs. In January of 2015 New Orleans announced it was the first major city to end veteran homelessness. Throughout 2016 many communities are sure to follow. Through the success of the HUD-VASH, SSVF, and other organizations targeted towards veterans, combined with the hard work, dedication, and commitment of America’s communities prove that ending veteran homelessness is possible.

If one state can do it then so can a whole nation. We as a country can end veteran homelessness. By doing so we can make are great country even greater. We can accomplish this by uniting together to help homeless veterans to find jobs and homes they can afford. If we do this I feel that America will be an even better place.


Zane N.

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TF - Billings, MT

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