kaelyn s. Louisiana

Troubled, Homeless Veterans

There are many problems in this world. One problem we need to fix is homeless veterans. There are way to many veterans that have nothing. They are out on the streets struggling, something needs to be done.

 Dear, Donald Trump

           There's so many problems that this world is suffering from, and a lot of them can be solved. The main issue we have in this world is homeless veterans. There are poor, homeless veterans that have nobody and nothing. They are living on the streets, these veterans deserve better than this. Most of these veterans don't have family  to take care of them or even just help them out. 

             There are lots of homeless people but 76,000 are homeless veterans that are on American streets. Around 56% of all homeless veterans are African-American of Hispanic. Homeless veterans have a huge disadvantage for employment because of their problems. We need to show them a lot more respect, they did serve our country. They may not be serving anymore but they are just as important as the ones who are still in the military. These homeless veterans still matter.

            People who want to serve our country will look at these homeless veterans. They will then rethink wanting to serve our country because they don't want to end up like homeless veterans. You could at least help them get back on their feet. Get an organization together to help pay their medical bills, feed, clothe them, find a decent job and a roof over their head with a bed, pillows and covers as well. These homeless veterans deserve that much if not more.

                                                                                                                   Sincerely, Kaelyn Smith

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