Daniel S. California

Technology in School

I think schools should implement more technology into the classroom.

October 26, 2016

Mr./Mrs. President

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania N.W.

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr./Mrs. President:

I am Danny Saylors and I want to persuade you to encourage schools to use more technology. It allows students to learn new skills. It also allows them to have new experiences and relieve stress.

One way technology is good for school is it gives students multiple opportunities to practice new skills. Studies show that “75% of students ages 5-7 regularly use technology to play educational games.” (Lewis, ScholasticScope.com) Students who study on mobile devices spend 40 minutes more per week studying than those who don't. That is 40 extra minutes that students can increase their reading. That is 40 extra minutes that the students will spend on homework. That is 40 extra minutes that the student can spend reviewing facteurs.

Technology allows students to stay in contact with teachers and technology allows students to stay in contact with other students. For example, if they were in a group project they could stay in contact with their team without the inconvenience of trying to find a date and time to meet up. It allow students to get immediate help while at home, by emailing their teachers.

It helps teachers prepare students for the real world. Technology is everywhere around us, and if students don’t know how to use the technology, then they will not be prepared for their future careers. (Reasons for Technology in the classroom) By utilizing the technology in the classroom, student become more comfortable and knowledgeable about technology, and experience new things. They start working with technology and they learn new interests or try new things. It can help drive them to a new career.

Lastly, technology helps some people relieve stress. for example i know it helps me relieve stress because it gives my brain a break. I don’t have to focus super hard on homework or other type of work. I can just relax and entertain myself for a little bit.

Thank you for reading my letter. I hope you will consider my suggestions.


Daniel Saylors