benjamin California

Ban Homework (Increase School Hours?)

October 26, 2016

1600 Pennsylvania Ave 

NW, Washington, DC 20500

Dear, Mr/Mrs. President:

First let me just start off by saying I would love to congratulate you for winning the election and becoming the 45th president of the United States. I know you’re going to do great things for our country. Now I’d like to address the problem of homework to you, before you say anything or throw this letter out let me just say studies have shown that homework causes health problems and stress. Professor Gerald K. LeTendre, he received his B.A. (magna cum laude) in sociology from Harvard University and was awarded a Rockefeller Fellowship to do fieldwork among Tibetan refugees, did a study that homework has an effect on kids health. Empirical studies have linked to excessive homework to sleep disruption indicating a negative relationship between the amount of homework perceived stress and physical health. More studies in China have shown that 30 minutes or more of homework per night will lead to sleep disruption and stress. Also with this research over ten percent of fourth graders worldwide spend four to five ours of homework each night. Combining these researches show that over ten percent of fourth graders worldwide suffer with sleep disruption. Do you really want nine or ten year olds having sleep disruption?

Also this is teaching kids the wrong ways, such as if they do a problem wrong one time; they may do that forever which would mean they’re learning the wrong way. Yes homework helps kids and could be beneficial for kids to help them remember and reprocess what they’re learning in that day. But the thing is they don’t have anyone to help check their work because parents usually have forgotten at the age most parents are at. Students also have less time to exercise. Once they get home they have to start on homework, by the time they’re done it’s already night and have to go to bed in order to get they’re eight hours of sleep. Have you heard of the obesity problem in America? Another thing to note is that homework can also give your teacher the wrong information, such as if someone has their friend do their homework for them, cheat off of someone else's answers, or have to rush because they have sports of other things.

The last reason I have is that it is difficult for others. Do you really want to make it harder for teachers? Not only does homework give teachers more work but also gives teacher homework. After a full day of work teachers then have to go home and grade homework, plan for their next lesson, and grade daily work they didn’t get to finish. Not only is it difficult for teachers but also for parents. Parents are pressured in having to help their kid with homework and sometimes don’t even know the answer. The thing is the math lessons, such as cpm, are constantly upgrading or updating their lessons. The lessons your children get usually aren’t the same lessons you got. This puts a lot of stress on the parents too. Did you know that homework actually originated in Germany as a punishment? I mean yes homework does exercise kids mind, can improve kids memory, and lets them work at their own pace.

Personally I have had lots of experience with having to deal with stress, or pressure, on homework. I usually am constantly always involved with two or more after school activities. Such as right now I do soccer, flag football for my school, and 4H. I usually don’t get home till 8:00pm or later every night except fridays. This puts a lot of stress on me in having to rush my work, still get good grades, and do those after school activities.

In conclusion,I think laws in the United States of America were meant to help us. If you put this law in play it would definitely help me, and many other. I want you to make teachers and schools ban homework, it may be hard to control the amount of time it takes to do homework so maybe raise school hours and ban homework. We can still cover the same amount of schooling if we increase school hours by an hour or so. The thing I want to leave you with is please, Mr/Mrs. President is to ban homework to help America be great again. Mr/Mrs. President I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this letter. Also lastly please take this idea into consideration, once again thank you.


Benjamin T.