Michael R. California

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration

October 26, 2016

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr./President:

I would like to congratulate you President, on winning the 2016 Election. There are many problems in the United States that need help. One of the problems that is important to me is the problem of illegal immigrants. Illegal Immigrants, are dangerous to our country and continue to divide Americans. It is a problem that the United States has. By stopping Illegal Immigrants, we the people will have our jobs and not be living on the streets. We will have homes to live in, food to bring home to our families, and clothes to wear daily. We need to stop Immigrants from bringing foreign objects to our country.

They should not be in the United States for many reasons. Mexicans break the law by crossing the United States border. People argue that people in Mexico are rapist and criminals. Without a passport or papers Illegal immigrants should not be in the United States. For this reason, I think we should not let any more Immigrants cross any border in the United States.

I think the United States military should patrol the Mexican borders. One reason the military should patrol is the national guard troops will be on the border across America. The Guard would operate surveillance and communications systems.The National Guard are willing to send troops with direct contact with those crossing the border. We should Have United States military patrol the borders for a safer environment.

Should the United States continue to build a fence/wall along the US/Mexico border? No fence can stop the determination of illegal immigrants seeking jobs or drug running, on another thought we can build a wall. A quote from Donald Trump from the 2016 election is “A nation without borders is not a nation”. We need a wall to protect us from the danger, rapist, and criminals outside the wall. A state-of-the-art border must be an element of any comprehensive effort.

In conclusion, you might think Immigrants benefits the U.S. through additional tax revenue, but it affects the U.S. by having unlicensed immigrants stealing our jobs and taking our children. We need your help, save U.S. citizens from these Illegal Immigrants, help us with stopping illegal immigration.


Michael R.