Ian California

Violent Video Games

October 26, 2016

Mr./Mrs. President

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, D.C 20500

Dear Mr./Mrs. President:

Hello, my name is Ian Stevenson. I must first applaud you for your hard effort on becoming president over the last couple of months. Nevertheless, I did not script this letter to congratulate you on your great accomplishment. I wish to talk to you about something I consider very serious- the cause of violence among our current youth. Many people have been questioning why our generation’s children have been much more violent than past generations of children. Have you very considered the fact that their aggression may have been caused by what they have been playing? Children who play violent video games have shown to be more aggressive than the average child that doesn’t play violent video games. I believe that this is a major issue affecting our culture and we should stop this.

One of my main reasons why I want children to stop playing violent video games is that children under 21, act more violent if they play violent video games. Some may say that other factors could be associated with the child’s anger. A study from “The Journey of American Medical Association” shows that children who play video games have a 60% chance of hitting or hurting another child if they play violent video games compared to the regular 31% for children who do not play violent video games. Another interesting fact that proves that violent video games cause extreme aggression in children under 21, is that many teen shooters, like James Holmes killer of 24 people, had admitted to playing violent games as “practice” for their big shootout. This evidence doesn’t only show the violence that video games create, but also Video games causes much more corrupt behaviors among children.

Additionally, children under the age of 21 that are shown inappropriate content are more likely to imitate or copy those actions. A test showed that if someone if exposed to sexually illegal activities, they are more likely to commit those actions inside the future. Many violent games, like Grand Theft Auto, have sexually illegal actions, and if many children are being exposed to it, the more likely to commit that crime inside the future. Also, many parents have reported their children repeating, whispering, or caught using inappropriate language after playing a violent game that uses that language. Another factor is that children that play violent video games have a harder time distinguishing reality from fantasy, and could end up doing inappropriate things without even knowing that what they are doing is wrong, Jane Katch a Childhood expert has claimed.

My final example is that people who play violent video games have been reported to show less morals then people who do not play violent video games. Many people,especially parents have reported their children who play violent video games to have less control, cheat more on things like school tests, and are more mean and aggressive to others. Other people have reported people who play violent video games to show less empathy and kindness towards other humans and animals. Not only this, but a report from the Psychology of Popular Media shows about 90% of pediatricians agree that violent video games increase aggression among youth. However, the only thing that contradicts my statement is that the US supreme court has ruled out the possibility of violent video games causing aggression among the youth. However, I have personal proof that this is incorrect. Many of my own classmates who play violent video games act more inappropriate and rude, which is why I do not agree with the Supreme court’s decision.

Therefore, I believe that children exposed to violent video games are more than definitely and entirely more aggressive. To summarize my point, Children under 21 that play violent video games act more aggressive and are 29% more likely to abuse someone else than someone who doesn’t play video game, they have shown to have less self-control, empathy, and kindness and are likely to repeat any inappropriate acts that they are exposed through violent video games. I hope you put an end to this and change something before it gets out of hand. If children are already acting more violent imagine what they might do when they grow up? I believe that a law should be passed that any child under 21 shouldn’t be allowed to play, purchase, or be caught playing and M rated video games of any kind.Thank you kindly, Mr./Mrs. President.


Ian S.