Xander F. Wisconsin

Pokemon GO Banned in Lake Park?

Pokemon GO is being limited to its full potential in Lake Park, Wisconsin which is unfair to the multiple users of this game.

Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

Pokemon Go is one of the top apps on mobile devices and has had an impact on smartphone users all around the globe which is a very great thing to behold. Most people in the world like it i should actually be saying because others have a rude disposition about the game being used by people in parks in the Milwaukee area in Wisconsin and people are upset. Park officials such as Chris Abele want to essentially change rules in the game as well as change how parks are run just because popularity in the game is greatly seen.

When I first went to Lake Park to play Pokemon GO on my phone, I didn't know what to expect, but when I went around with my family and saw how everyone there was also playing, I noticed that everyone was bonded together through this game so well that there were discussions going on, there were people helping each other with where certain things were, and it was overall just a great time to share with everyone which is what should be the case in all sorts of events that happen.

Lake Park that day lived up to my expectations completely and I wouldn't want to change a thing about it, but park officials say otherwise. Parks Director John Dargle said in a letter stated towards the company, Niantic, ¨Until that permit is obtained, Niantic "must deactivate and remove all Pokemon GO sites, including Poke stops and Gyms within Milwaukee County parks.¨ This said, the county´s park directors are literally trying to get a literal permit from Niantic in case things get ¨out of hand¨ said John Dargle who is a park director. I believe and many others believe that this is stupid and the material stated in Chris Abele´s should be disregarded since it is not a logical solution in case things get out of hand.

The permit that county park directors are looking for from Niantic are caused by simple problems and could be easily fixed if county parks took time out of their lives in order to help the people instead of blaming the company. Some of hte problems that has happened to people while playing Pokemon GO are two men who were drinking, driving, and playing Pokemon GO all at the same time who ended up crashing into a tree, some robberies were reported from people luring people into catching Pokemon and then robbing them, and then simple littering. Now, I know all of these sound sound like REALLY terrible things to happen to people, but they can be fixed just like anything else and most of these occurrences didn't even happen in the Lake Park area, so let's take a look on some simpler solutions to this ¨problem¨ they are having.

Some solutions include putting up security in the park to prevent people from getting hurt by other people, make the park be open for only a certain amount of time so people can get lured in there during the night time, reward people for throwing away their trash in some way (I have no idea what this reward would be), but there are so many simpler solutions to this problem rather than just banning every Pokemon GO function in the park unless Niantic gets a permit which gets great promotional attention from the people of America because the solutions that I named would also show how American Parks are helping people be better the person than before by persuading people to help the community rather than harming it.

Thank you for reading my letter Mr/Mrs. President and I dearly hope that you look over my issue and respond back in a just as well thought out letter to myself.


Xander Feltes

Wauwatosa West High School

Wauwatosa West American Public Policy

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