Lily W. California

Animal Testing needs to stop

Animal Testing is wrong and inhumane and needs to stop. There needs to be a law against it to end it.

October 26, 2016

Mr./Mrs, President

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr./Mrs. President:

I would love to congratulate you for all your hard work looking after our country and the people. Becoming president is one of the biggest accomplishments there is and I would like to thank you for everything you've sacrificed to help our country thrive. In your position of power I'd like to ask you, as a concerned student and member of the United States of America, about a very serious problem in the United States today. I would like to ask that you stop animal testing and find alternative ways to ensure the safety and effectiveness of products and medicine. Animal testing has been an issue for a long time and it's not right. Animals are constantly being killed and tortured because of inhumane experiments and improper research for the experiment itself. It's wrong and it needs to stop. I want to end animal testing and make the world a better place where animals aren't tortured in heinous ways and barbarically murdered.

First of all, animal testing is cruel, inhumane and unethical. They are tortured for the benefit of humans. Many people say that they do these tests on animals and not humans because animals have no rights so it's acceptable to complete tests on them. Animals’ lives are wasted from poorly planned experiments.They are burned just so that scientists could watch the healing process. They are force fed, starved, physically restrained for days, forced to inhale, kept in captivity, abused, burned, hit and killed. Even though many scientific breakthroughs have been made through animals testing and many diseases have found treatments. For example, rabbits have had their eye lids clipped to be held open so that they cannot blink away painful beauty products. This is done to observe the effects of the products, to conclude that the product will not cause to much damage to humans, but they have no problem causing damage to humans. I think scientists should only be allowed to treat animals from illness and help them while testing out treatments, while they are in zoos or parks. This way animals aren't just held captive in zoos, they are being helped and treated with medicines and the proper care they need but the animals that do not need help are still free in the wild where they should be.

Another reason that animal testing should end is because many experiments are flawed and do not work, so scientists just waste the lives of animals due to poor research and sloppy plans. Scientists don't have the sympathy to spare the lives of many animals, but I hope you do. Many scientists say that animals have no rights and therefore it is morally acceptable to kill and torture them but it's not right to torture and kill humans simply because they have rights. As you can see, many scientists think that animals’ lives are much less valuable than humans like Albert Sabin when he says “Without animal research, polio would still be claiming thousands of lives each year. ” as if the 100 million animal lives that are claimed from animal testing didn't matter. This shows that just how selfish people can be to have the audacity to take the life of millions of innocent animals just to save a few thousand people.

Furthermore, there are alternatives. Fake human skin and different fake body parts, cultured or petri dishes, and testing tubes have been shown to better represent the human body than an animal. Human cells can be grown to represent part of a human; this is another less expensive alternative that better represents what the affect on a human would be. Although animal testing can occasionally better represent the effect of different products or treatments it is wrong. It does have it's perks of showing how a living thing reacts to different things. Animal testing may save lives but it just shows how selfish people can be to take the life of another just to save their own. Helping animals with animal testing is much different and should be done to help cure animals but to kill and torture other living beings just to see which makeup product is better is horrendously evil.

To summarize, I think there should be a law against the harm and murder of animals in the process of animal testing. Although I think that the testing of cures on injured animals should continue. As you can see there are many points proving that animals testing is wrong when it is not benefitting the animal, so do the right thing and stop animal testing by making the law that helps everyone. Animal testing may have it's benefits for humans, but does it really outweigh the murder of millions? Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I truly hope you take it into consideration.

Sincerely, Lily W.