Madelyn Michigan

College Tuition

Students across America are facing a tragic reality these days. Our dreams are being crushed and our bank accounts are at an all time low. I want to address this issue in the letter that follows.

Dear next President of the United States,

You are the future of country. But did you know that due to college tuition costs, I and many others like me, may not have one? I am an honor student, a cheerleader, an active member in National Honor Society and student senate, do volunteer work, and come from a home with two full-time working parents. Despite all of the above, I may still struggle to afford and attend any university beyond community college after I graduate. I, like my counterparts, will be relinquished to taking out large sums in student loans which I will proceed to struggle to pay back later in my life. This is what other scholars have to look forward to. This is what my parents have to look forward to. This is all I have to look forward to.

85% of college students are coerced to move home during or after completing a college degree. As an adult, I refuse to be a nuisance to my parents. It is not acceptable to live with and beseech them to be my patron only for the motive of saving money. After graduating, 40% of students delay buying their first home because they do not have money to afford one while paying off loans. Another 27% delay dental and medical care for fear that invoices will be too enormous. 42% of students live paycheck to paycheck and 59% have student loans.

Looking at long term, tuition prices have risen almost 6% above inflation rate. A private, four-year university can cost an average of $31,231 per year. Even families that have been saving money for college would struggle to pay that large of a fee. It is unrealistic to expect anyone of middle to lower class to afford a fee that high. Being unable to remunerate ends in an increase in dropouts, loans, and graduates choosing fields they do not relish.

As a child I assumed college was a must. I still believe that now. Unfortunately, attending a university these days is more of a dream than a reality. Families and students are discouraged at adolescent ages and the ambition to go to college is minuscule. Those from our country's lower class dread the thought of school payments as do middle class citizens. It is remarkable that people can afford college at all. As I sit in my classroom and write this letter to you, I know there is a chance I won't even attend college.How I perform leading up to graduation determines the rest of my life. I am petrified of how my future will turn out. Students across the nation feel the same as me. It is unfair of us to ask for something to be done?

I love school. I love this country. But going to school in this country seems to be borderline impossible, especially if you are not of the lucky few born with enough money for tuition. All I ask is that you read what I wrote. All I ask is that you take it to heart. All I ask is that you give me, and the thousands of others like me a chance to have a future. We are the future of this nation. Don't you want that future to be bright?


Madelyn Saylor