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Tuition cost

The cost of tuition is limiting people to go to college.

Dear Future President,

College debt is something a lot of people deal with and soon I will have to deal with it too. College is really important and it can impact your future. College tuition has increased over the years and it's coming to a point where it's too costly for families to pay. College tuition should be reduced because the future of America depends on the younger generation and without proper education due to the struggles and difficulties of having debt to pay off while trying to provide for themselves it will fracture the future of America.

Getting a job is becoming way harder than usual because twenty seven percent of employers have increased their educational requirements in the past five years ( which means without a proper college education you might not be able to get a job. A lot of job requirements are to have a college education, by 2018 sixty three percent of all job openings will require a college education. (Georgetown university, 2010) Without a college education you won't be able to get a decent job. “College level skills determines access to decent jobs now” (Anthony Carnevale) without a job you wouldn't be able to make an income and no income means you won't be able to pay off your debt.

College tuition has increased. The average 2014-2015 tuition increase was 3.7 percent at private colleges, and 2.9 percent at public universities. ( I think that college tuition is over priced and it is hard for families to pay which causes them to take out loans and go into debt putting stress on families and students. Not many students can afford college, even with financial aid. Why should a student be stressed on tuition when they have already stressed about college itself. Did you know that students stress levels are higher than adults during the school year? ( this shows how bad debt is impacting students.

Student debt is a big issue in America. It is an issue in America because 44.2 million Americans still have college debt to pay off, which is nearly 1.3 trillion dollars in college debt. ( Student debt has increased over the years, it increased four percent from 2014 to 2015. ( A college student will graduate with an average of 37,172 dollars in loans. (

If college tuition keeps increasing at this rate by 2030 tuition will be an average 44,047 dollars a year ( which for most people is unaffordable. College should be reduced so more people have an opportunity to be able to go to college without having to worry about tuition. College tuition should be reduced because it puts a lot of stress on students to pay off college tuition that they have to get a job and that puts a lot of stress on studen.

In a few years I will be attending college and I don't want to have to worry about how I will pay off my debt but getting good grades. Based on the information I collected from the time I attend college, tuition would cost me an average 25,133 dollars per year. ( The price of college is limiting students to get a college degree. Without a college education you won't be able to get a decent job which will affect your future. I believe that all students should have the right to be educated without being thousands of dollars in debt. As the president of America you should help solve this problem by reducing the amount of tuition and make the future of America educated.


Tmnit E

St. Paul Central High School

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