Jack B. Michigan

A  "solution"  to  Gun  Violence?

Gun control in America will never help the whole country.

           A "solution" to Gun Violence?

Dear Future President,

In this country there has been an ongoing war on guns, You have been asked on what you will help do with this issue. America is divided and it’s up to you to reconnect it. Say you proposed a ban on guns that many people have in their homes, their ability to defend themselves drops drastically. Suburban crimes increase and people start to illegally buys guns and crime just keeps increasing. Slowly America is falling just because you passed a ban on common household weapons. By not passing a law that bans common weapons, normal citizens can keep protecting themselves and crime rates will either stay the same or more possibly decrease with the growing community of citizens who own guns.

Obviously there will always be crime but there is ways to help reduce crime.”285 rifles were employed in homicides, 1867 people were murdered with knives or other cutting instruments.” People push for gun control even though they are used in less homicides and murders, banning guns will only slightly help and may not even at all. Banning guns would just cause an uproar in america and evidently increase gun violence in America.

For every major debate topic in this country or even the world there is always two stances on how to deal with the so called “problem.” So, you may be asking yourself what are the two sides of this gun control “war.” Well they really are the political parties with a few exceptions. Republicans and democrats. Both have quite literally opposite viewpoints on gun control. Republicans are Pro Guns and Democrats are Anti Guns.

Republicans are trying to preserve the constitution, trying to preserve the second amendment “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Republicans are trying to keep Guns is the hands of citizens. They think that even though guns are used in crimes passing a law to “ban” them would only drive people to want to acquire them more.

Democrats are trying to pass a “ban” on guns. A quote from the Governor of Colorado says “If he couldn’t of had access to the guns what type of bomb would he have manufactured.”

Keep in mind that the Governor of Colorado is a Democrat. This is the exception where some see that banning guns would only bring forth a new type of violence. Most democrats do hold the stance that guns do lead to more violence.

USA Today had published an article that said “Guns don’t increase national rates of crime and violence--but the continued proliferation of gun control laws almost certainly does.” This is probably the final thing that I needed to read before I realized that the republicans were right on the issue of gun control. Trying to enforce a ban on guns won’t help anyone, criminals will still have access to the people who sell them guns, they will still be able to cause harm with them, all banning guns would do is take them away from law abiding citizens which would put America in a downward spiral. These reasons are why I am agreeing with the Republican viewpoint.


Jack B.

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