Melody Y. Michigan

LGBTQ rights

We should not stop people from being themselves or make them feel like they cannot be who they want to be.

Discrimination has always been a problem, I think we should try to get rid of all of it in any form it takes. Though we need to start somewhere, that somewhere I think is the LGBTQ community. We should start here because it affects teens and the next generation greatly, and stopping such discrimination will help the world of tomorrow.

On they have an article about how badly bullying affects people in the LGBTQ community. 82% had problems during the previous year with bullying of sexual orientation. 64% felt unsafe at school because of sexual orientation, and 44% felt unsafe at school because of gender identification. 32% did not go to school because of the fear and bullying at school. 44% experienced physical harassment, 22% dealt with stronger violence. 61% never reported the attacks, and 31% of those who did report the attacks said that the school made no effort to respond. None of this is okay, I wish it were lower numbers. I am, personally, bisexual. I’ve only dealt with gentle bullying, some by the people I called friends before they found out. It was not okay, and is never okay. People should be free to be whoever they are, we are all human.

This discrimination affects the people of the LGBTQ community greatly, even if you were not involved hearing stories of things like that breaks my heart and probably many others. All of this abuse and bullying can cause depression or worse, suicide. Humans are humans, and such things are not okay.

I hope all of these statistics will open your eyes of how bad the situation is and can be. I am unsure of how to stop this, but perhaps make everyone more aware and to make sure they have equal rights. Do whatever you can come up with, if you find this as important as I do.

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