Andrew Michigan

Keep food on plates and out of landfills.

Keep food on people's plates in instead of in landfills.

Dear Next President,

Don't you think people should try harder to throw away a lot less food?  Some of that food can cause pollution and kill lots of animals and maybe a few humans.  People say that if we didn't throw away food, we would not be able to throw it anywhere else. Well, you don't have to even throw it away. Some people in this world need food because they have trouble getting a job or maybe they can't afford food. And at least a quarter of the food that goes to landfills has not even been bit.  I ask you to make a law that prevents people from throwing away food.

Maybe you could ban throwing away trash like Vermont did. When Vermont did that, the food bank saw the food donations in Vermont increase by 60%. Maybe the U.S.A could solve this problem by giving more donations to food donations sites like meals on wheels. Every day when I am in the cafeteria, I see kids throw away half of what's on their trays, and it makes me upset how that food could have helped a hungry, sad, dying family. And it would probably be so nice for them to know that people care about them. I hope you will understand what I am trying to say. Thank you for your time and taking part of your day to read my letter.


Andrew B

7th Grade

Evart Middle School 

Evart, MI