A Massachusetts

The Progress of Technology in Education

Technology is the solution to many things including our education.

Dear Madam or Mr. President, 

I think that technology is very important in this time period. America has been effected these last couple of years by the amount of people without a proper education. We could make technology that can benefit this country greatly with our education. Different kids learn in different ways and technology can help some of those kids learn with different tools like visuals. Our education system would be more efficient if we had better tools. 

The release of new apps can make learning easier and more fun. With teachers getting better tools to use in the classroom and students getting a better education this will make our next generation better. For example in my class at Edith Baker School we use a website called Socrative. It's a website that allows us the students to input our answers and then they appear on our teachers computer which is projected on the board. Unique pieces of technology like Socrative will help instruct our next generation.

Mr. or Ms. President I think that it's very important to keep developing new technology and ways to better the current education system. With these kind of improvements america will rise and will be known for more than just a superpower but also for a better educated population.