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Immigration is an issue for the U.S and it should be taken care of.

Dear Future President,

Immigration is a very important and controversial issue for the United States. Many people in the U.S think that a wall should be built in between the United States and Mexico. Also, that all illegal immigrants should be sent back to their country. This is an very personal issue to me because I come from an immigrant family and I know the struggle. Most think that immigrants only come for trouble and drugs. Their solution to this is that by forcing them to leave this problem will be solved. In my opinion, immigrants are not the main reason for drugs, therefore if all immigrants are deported it will not fix the drug issue in the U.S. Immigrants come to The United States to lessen their struggles and help their family out. Additionally, a popular belief is that immigrants are not taking any steps to become legal and are here taking up space. In reality, becoming a citizen for an immigrant is important and they are doing everything they can, but it is not an easy step and can take time. Some can’t do much or anything at all and are just here really to help themselves and their families. This is an important issue issue to our country, without immigrants the United States would not be able to grow because the immigrants would not be documented and be forced to go back to their countries. Also, all immigrants can make a change in the United States and they are thought as not capable of anything but if they were given chance I believe they could do so much. However, you as the president can do so much in your power. For example, you can help undocumented immigrants by giving them an five year time period starting from the moment they come. Once the 5 years are over and they have all paperwork needed and have not committed any crimes they should have the right to become documented. After they become a illegal immigrant they will have the same rights as any other citizen and will have to follow them same laws. If they commit a big crime such as murder,drugs,rape etcetera they should be sentenced to go to jail or sent back to their native country. For those who have been here for 10 years or longer and their permanent record does not include any ig crimes they should go through the same process as the ones that have been here for only 5 years. Coming from an immigrant family I know the struggle that they go through. Immigrants get paid minimum wage and for some it is hard to support their families at time. They face many struggles lie when they get sick or their child gets sick and they have to pay hundreds of dollars because they don’t have health insurance. They spent working from dawn to nightfall to pay bills and anything such as hospital bills.The wish to become legal and have a less struggles is the wish of millions of immigrants across the United States. Not only do illegal immigrant adults struggle but so do immigrant teenagers. They struggle with such as what college they got to, scholarship opportunities, and job opportunities. Many of them how are in school really want to make it far so they could alo help thor immigrant families and if they were able to become documented they could have so many more opportunities. A way that you could contribute to this is by all high scholars who graduate with a 3.0 gpa and above and throughout their high school years they remain constant with A’s and B’S they could go up for the change to become documented and having a better future. MAny immigrant students could be future doctors, lawyers, teachers, making a positive impact on the community.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Alondra

STEM Prep High School

STEM Prep High School: Nashville

The Graduating Class of 2024.

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