Marlin L. Tennessee

Education's Importance

Education is not a very opened topic during the presidential debate. However, education is important for the future of students. Policies should be implemented to improve the lives of students. It will greatly impact their careers and how the United States changes economical, socially, and politically.

Dear Mr. / Mrs. Future President,

My name is Marlin Lopez and I am a student from STEM Prep High. I am writing this paper to discuss the importance of education. I find education one of the most impacting topics for the youth population as it affects their future. Education is the pathway in which helps students prepare for their careers. With a high ranking education, the economy has its benefits with an increase in jobs and income.

Education is a topic that influences everyone around socially, politically, and economic. Students will need a high quality education to further their understanding on their choices of careers and universities. Additionally, the government has to set high standards for students to achieve. If students are receiving a high quality education from the government then funding is increased in schools.

To address this issue, changes in education have to be made in order to better the educational system. For instance, a reform for college tuition will help students financially. A survey that was completed in 2015 called the Edward Jones was done to observe admission rates. About 83% of Americans say they cannot afford college, as stated. There is few who are allowed to go to college and this issue should change. Additionally, teacher evaluation should become more active because students let us know if teachers are appropriately and effectively doing their job. This would help understand what changes should be made in the classroom. Also, I agree there should be more charter schools put in place for academic growth. As a charter school student, I have seen my education become farther advance from when I was in a public school. Charter schools help develop stronger personal skills. Charter schools also focus on how we present ourselves which helps students prepare for college and job interviews.

Overall, many policies should be implemented to improve the education of students as their futures will be impacted. In conclusion, as yourself, a compassionate being, should consider education reforms as the top of your list of changes as it would affect many.


Marlin Lopez      

STEM Prep High School

STEM Prep High School: Nashville

The Graduating Class of 2024.

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