Jalen D. Georgia

The Educated Students

College prices are to high and should be lower.

Dear Future President,

Imagine that you’ve been working hard during your years of grade school only to have to stop because you can’t afford college. You need to lower the cost of enrollment so more kids can get an education.

If you lower the minimum cost of enrollment in college then, kids with potential can get a good job. 69.2% of high school graduates get into college. Two point one million were enrolled in college last year. By lowering the minimum cost you can help this country get more jobs. Our country happens to have a low job rate. If you lower the cost the kids that graduate can help with that problem and help us get a higher employment rate. They can get a good education and get a good job. ProCon.org says that people that get into college are more likely to get a job rather than people that didn’t go to college.

I know what you’re thinking, if they are smart and do their work then they should be able to get in to college. If you think about it which is better; more people in college or more people on the streets.

What if they are smart and do their work but, don’t get a scholarship and don’t have enough money to continue school. If you do this, kids will get more education and they can get a job so there can be more job in America. Think about it, you can make a change for the better. Will you make the change.


Jalen D.