Cathy Diaz Tennessee

Future President

I'm writing this to the Future President.

 Dear Mr/Ms President

Hello my name is Cathy Diaz i am in 10th grader

My issue we going be talking about is immigration this issue is important because this issue is important because there is some people that is passing thru the borders in Mexico illegal. “The fate of undocumented immigrants has been a thorny issue in this year’s election, with the Republican presidential candidate vowing to deport the large majority of them. But, says Moore, the irony of President Obama’s administration’s existing immigration policy “ as this article says. This issue is important in our future country is that we got some people crossing from mexico to here. This matter about out country in the future because we have people that lived here that is from Mexico or anywhere else and they getting pull over by the police getting arrest either they have drugs or anything like that. They get sent to mexico the next day i mean like think about it they probably have kids and wife that they are married to and the police going do this to them. To be honest it brake my heart if i watch any tv shows about this how the people trying to get away from Mexico but they can’t because the police comes after them. And also kids to they get sent if they are illegal i wanna say they wear ankle braces i haven’t look that good when i'm watching the tv show like that i mean like come on do something about this. These poor people want’s go away but they can’t.