Fardosa Tennessee

Homework Anxiety

Too much homework given in schools.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

School is a very important part in our lives. It helps prepare us for the future. We spend 8 hours of our day learning new things. 8 hours of sitting in classrooms and spending time in school, whether it be going outside for physical education, walking down the hallways switching classes, or sitting in chairs with our pencils in hand. These 8 hours in the day is already dedicated for school and learning. It is understanding that school is very important and helps leads to successful jobs and more opportunities in life. We already learn a lot in the 8 hours we are in school. The problem is though, that schools give us too much homework. Homework is not necessary. At most, homework takes about 2 and half to 3 hours of our after school time. Many students have other extracurricular activities to do right after school. There is not efficient time to do all the work the school provides. In those 2 hours, many activities could be done instead of school work. It adds to the 8 hours already dedicated to school. Many students who ride the bus after school get home after an hour or two. Then they get home and do the important things they have to complete. This is their time to do what they need to do after school. The student barely has anytime to do homework in at least an hour. Many students have chores and sports club to do after the bus ride and settling home. Anyone can see that there is not sufficient time for the student to complete school work. Tasks that take more than around 20 minutes should not be provided to students. In fact, studies have shown that homework brings down students’ test scores and causes anxiety. The amount of children who have anxiety today is unacceptable. Homework counts as a grade, and a night of skipping homework lowers a child’s grades. If homework was not given, many students would be receiving good grades in most of their classes. Many students today would not have anxiety due to the number of homework schools give the children. In addition, homework makes it harder for the teachers and the parents. The parents want their children to get enough sleep and they have to always worry about what time they should get to bed. Many students do their homework right before bedtime and it cuts through sleeping time. Students should get about 9 hours of sleep. It affects the teachers because they have more work to grade which cuts through their own personal time. In reality, homework affects everyone and it does not make anyone happy. Too much homework is a problem for everyone and does not do anything to improve anyones grades. As president, I would like for you to reduce or maybe even ban the amount of homework given. It truly does not benefit anyone in anyway. It adds more worries and anxiety to students and takes up time from everyone. If homework was banned from schools, many students’ grades will rise and less students will have anxiety and many other stresses. It will become easier for everyone and reduce the amount of stress in everyone.


Fardosa Osman

STEM Prep High School

STEM Prep High School: Nashville

The Graduating Class of 2024.

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