Prisha P. Texas

Why we must abolish the Gender Wage Gap?

Reasons that the next President should close the Gender Wage Gap.

Dear Mr. or Madame President,

Imagine a world where men and women are paid equally. This hasn’t happened in a very long time. The most important issue facing our nation today is the gender wage gap. You must abolish the gender wage gap because the constitution was built on equality of men and women and it is becoming more and more difficult for women to support their families.

The Founding Fathers built the constitution on equality of men and women. The fourteenth amendment forbids the states to restrict the basic rights of citizens or other persons, which means it protects the basic rights to US citizens regardless of the gender. The Equal Pay Act in 1963 also protects equality in men and women. The Equal Pay Act prohibits pay discrimination based on gender, and states that men and women must be paid equally for same work performed. The fourteenth Amendment and The Equal Pay Act makes it unlawful for woman to receive unequal pay for the same amount of work for men and women.

Some people may say that closing the gender wage gap is a waste of time and that there are many more important things to solve. This is not accurate because women's salaries do matter as much as men's salaries to be the same for the same amount of work. This issue should be viewed as equally important as any other issues because this will make a fundamental change in inequality view point for everyone. No gender is superior or inferior.

Unfair payment to women will result in family suffering. Taking care of children and working is already a double duty. The amount of money the women annually brings home is much less than men. In divorced parents, the mother most likely has full custody of their children. It is not easy for her to pay for her child and herself even with child support. Regardless of gender, the family support should be the same based on their annual income. It is essential for women to receive equal pay in order to support their families as men do.

The gender wage gap has distanced itself from the principles of how this nation was formed. The gender wage gap has imposed many restrictions in women's lifestyle. This is going against the constitution which means it needs more enforcements to emphasize the equality. The first thing you should accomplish as the president is to abolish the gender wage gap once and for all.


Prisha P.

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