Maren Texas

Police Brutality

Police brutality is an onging issue in the United States. Police brutlity is a bigger issue than we let on because it is an issue that involves death.

October 28, 2016

Dear Next President,

Police brutality is an issue that needs to meet its end. If you can’t trust the people that are supposed to save you, how can you feel safe? The truth is: you can’t. With all the problems going in the world, this issue should not be one of them. I believe this could end if police had more than 2 years of schooling, after high school, and interact more with the people of their community. This would bind them closer to the people, and create less fear in our country.

In 2015, three hundred and sixty-five minority people were killed. Thirty percent of them were unarmed, and, the remaining seventy percent undetermined. Ninety- seven percent of these resulted with no charges against the police. Most of the people that died, didn’t possess any criminal record. This is wrong, because innocent people are dying for no reason. In these situations, there are other ways to handle this without killing them.

On the other hand, the victims aren’t always innocent. Sometimes, the police shoot because they feel threatened and in dangers way, and shooting their gun is the way they feel safe. Police have a very tough job, and see things that many of us would never expect to witness. It is a polices job to catch criminals, so, if a criminal is on the run, shooting may be the only way. I do see where people may be on the opposing side, but, personally, I still stand against it.

I believe that people should be respected as much a police. I think that we need to end unnecessary shootings. Even though some seem like they were the only option, many are not. If everyone respects police, and police respect others, then our country would be a much happier place. Fear would be decreased, and people would no longer be afraid. If police brutality stops, the country will be united again.


Maren F.

Student, KHS