Leandro A. Michigan

Air Pollution

Air pollution is slowly becoming a bigger problem and we need to take action before it is to late.

Leandro A.

Air Pollution

If you could prevent something bad from happening wouldn’t you prevent it? Imagine that every breath you took was slowly killing you or harming you. Well if we keep on polluting the air as much as we do now that will soon become a reality.

Many factories are putting tons and tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere and nothing is being done about it. According to the environmental friendly redesign of the natural resources defense council in Washington DC “halved the buildings energy consumption and reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 170,000 pounds a year.” This means that the laws being put in place are actually working to help reduce pollution in the air. This matters because some people disagree and think that the laws will not reduce any pollution end this here proves them wrong.

It is 2016 and we still are putting tons of harmful chemicals and smoke into the air and not enough is being done about it. In the article of Opposing Viewpoints “In the Bhopal disaster of 1994 an accidental release of methyl boyante At a pesticide Factory and immediately killed three thousand people and eventually killed up to 20000. “ this means that there weren't enough safety precautions being taken that led to a deadly gas being released if there were laws in place to ensure certain Acts were taken this all could have been avoided and many lives could have been saved. This matters because these factories were so careless that they let off a deadly gas and killed many people and affected many others to come.

Lastly when i was in mexico it was really smoggy and smelled very bad in certain places and I noticed that it was usually in the cities. According to the criteria pollutants article by Britannica “ the total emissions and the number of sources of air toxins are small compared with those four criteria pollutants these pollutants can pose an immediate health risk to the exposed individuals and can cause other environmental issues. this means that many of the gases being let off by factories and cars are affecting People's Health and also the environment. this means that our air is slowly getting more and more dangerous to breathe in not only for us but for all the animals in the surrounding environment. this matters because it is our world and we need to take care of it before it's too late We cannot be so selfish and think about just us there also animals that live on this Earth that we need to take care of.

In conclusion we are already seeing effects of the pollution for example in china their air pollution is so polluted that its hazardous. So as president you need to find solutions for cleaner ways and more restrictions should be put on what can be put in our air. Don’t you want to be known as the cleanest country and not the dirtiest. Those that do not follow the rules should be penalized to a certain extent .

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