Mathew b. Illinois

More Safe Bike Lanes

I think that the country should have more bike lanes.

Mathew Boemmel                                                                                                                11-5-16

                                                            Letter to the future President

Dear future President, I would like to see more bike lanes in our country. I think that bike lanes are important to our country because they create a safer environment for riders of all ages. Bike riding is a good choice because it is really good for the environment, and it creates less pollution and less gas usage.

One thing I think is that we should have more bike lanes around neighborhoods where there are short commutes to work and school. We should also have safe bike lanes. The bike lanes can keep you safe because they are noticeable to drivers. The bikers that are on the path should also be aware of their surroundings and so should the drivers. Also to be safe, the lanes should not have obstructions like cones or potholes in the way of the bike lane. Bike lanes are also important because in some cities, like Chicago, there is a law that anyone over 12 years old cannot ride on the sidewalk. So bike lanes can improve kids safety also.

Bike lanes are needed in large cities and cities with high populations. Bike lanes would encourage more people to ride their bike to work, activities and other places. Also, people could ride for leisure. Bikes lanes encourage people of all ages to be active and healthy.

Bikes as transportation will improve our environment. According to (, biking benefits include no air pollution or toxic chemicals, no use of fuel and bikes take less energy to make than cars. Bike are also more affordable. I think bikes are good the earth.

Future President, I hope you consider my thoughts about bike lanes and biking. Bike lanes can create safety and will be better transportation for ourselves and the environment. This would be a great idea to achieve in the future.


Mathew B.