Eddie B. Texas

The Cost Of Medical Errors

Dear President

The cost of medical errors is too high. This is the third leading cause of death in the United States of America. My firm belief is that this is way too high on the list for something that shouldn't even be on this list in the first place. This is something that we need to take immediate action against, primarily because people seek  healing from their wounds rather than looking to get new ones.

This is not a fully accurate count because of how unspecified the death certificates are. The standard level of detail and correctness. This would mean that certain causes of death would be easier to track given the ability to find a specific cause in the death file records rather than track down each and every doctor to ask about specific cases that they may or may not remember. Some arguments may be that not everyone will comply and whilst that will happen the overall level of quality will still be higher than it is today. Another argument is that this only affects a few people because of the scope, and to this I say that it never hurts to have a safety net that will protect us from any shortcomings.

This problem is a very major one in our society today because if this continues we will be going backwards into history rather than forward into the future. This is of utmost importance that we address this immediately before the problem begins to grow due to lack of attention. Another one of my suggestions is that we add a mandatory practice test to renew their license to avoid the numbers of deaths in the operating rooms that we are seeing today this needs to stop. If this continues to grow we will have no citizens in the united states of america. This of course is far into the future if there are no actions taken. Right now I am a kid and no one will pay me their time of day, but you are the freaking president you must have a ton of press conferences where in a few sentences you could have the entire nation questioning their practitioners on this matter.

If anyone is to take a stand against this it must be you so the world will hear our call to arms against this grievous error in our ways that this may not continue. The most important thing I know from Boy Scouts is that when you do something you must believe in it or people will cease to follow you as soon as they see it. Imagine that you are the one who had this error happened to your family who you dearly love.

Thank you for your time,

Eddie B

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