C.S. Louisiana

Drug usage of Heroin

This is my letter to the president about teens using dangerous drugs like Heroin.

   Dear Future President,

Drug usage has become a huge problem in the United States and is a topic you are familiar with. Many teens across America who try heroin become addicts shortly after the first time they try it. It is one of the most dangerous drugs that exist today.

Many teens today try all of the dangerous drugs that can result in death just like heroin. In the text, “Addicted to Heroin” the teen Ashley explains the way she lives being addicted to heroin. She lives with her parents in the basement and gets money every week for her addiction. Before she tried the drug, she was a well rounded kid who had a bright future ahead of her. Me being a teenager myself, I don’t want the people around me to try something that will possibly ruin the rest of their life.

Heroin isn’t the only drug teenagers are experimenting with, there are many others that . According to a drug user in the article “Addicted to Heroin”,he says how he had to see for himself what drugs do to you and if they could actually harm you. I understand that stopping people from doing drugs is hard to accomplish but I personally think that you as the next president should help spread awareness of how harmful drugs really are to teenagers.

One way to help spread awareness of harmful drugs is enforcing teens to learn about the dangers of taking drugs at their schools. Many schools have courses like health class to learn about drugs but since drug usage is an ongoing problem, health classes aren’t a useful source. Providing a program outside of health class where kids can meet for an hour and talk about their possible drug problems or learn about the real dangers of drugs could make a true difference in our economy. Kids and teens would be able to receive help from teachers and students and others can learn about how drugs can greatly affect you.

As our country's next leader, I feel as if you should look into this ongoing problem that is going on throughout the United States. Coming up with a solution to this problem like a support group after school will help decrease the number of deaths due to injurious drugs. Thank you for taking time to read my letter about making a change in our community.

Thank you,