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This is my personal story , i hope you take this seriously and try to make a change

                                                                                                      October 25, 2016

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you today because drug abuse needs to stop. Drug abuse gets people locked up for drugs and when they get out they do drugs again. when they have withdraw they want to do it even more and do that drug more. I think this needs to change because I have seen this happen myself with my biological mom. The judicial system needs to change. Most drug abusers end up going to jail and have withdraw and by the time they get out they go and do drugs again. I personally think drug abusers shouldn't get out of jail earlier than they are supposed to.

People go to court to face a judge for using drugs, or stealing to get drugs. The consequence is to just toss them in jail. In jail they make friends that do drugs too. Their network of friends that do drugs get better. The judges hands are tied and don't have any other solution but to throw them into jail. ¨But only 11 percent of those with addiction receive treatment¨(GASA). Most drug addicts don’t get help to overcome their problems and just get tossed into jail and get a slap on the wrist. No one really helps them get clean from the drugs their doing.

My mom was put in jail because she chose to abuse Heroin. The courts put her in jail, and then they let her out. She has been to jail more times than I can count. Her real issue is addiction and she needs the system to help her get on her feet and beat the addiction. My biological mom started using drugs after I was born. I can still see my mom walking in the McDonaldś parking lot and asking people if they would like to buy Xanax. I was just a kid. This is my mom. Prior to this happening she had been in and out of jail for the past few years. I am 16 years old and my Aunt has raised me since I was six months old. I am happy with my Mom (Aunt), I am angry that the court system has allowed my mom out of jail early time and time again. She needs to serve her time. In February of 2015, my mom went to jail. They let her out early and she was quickly using drugs again. My mom went back into jail.

Some may say the judges are fair and do what’s necessary to keep these people off the streets. People fail to realize these are people and their lives that are in danger and risking their lives without even knowing it. The judges don’t solve or help the addicts with their addiction they only throw them into jail and they think buy them doing that it’ll solve their problems but in reality it doesn’t help with anything it gives the addicts withdraw and by doing that it’ll make them want to do that drug even more than before . This can cause overdoses , most of our deaths are from drug abuse.

Millions of people are doing drugs. It is a real problem. I need you to help people with drug problems, don’t just put them in jail. Seek help for them and stop the drug problem by facing it head on. There must be support and programs that can help the addict face their addiction and get help so that they can be their families and live a good life. There has to be less overdoses. You can take action by not putting addicts in jail over and over- change the law that these people with addiction get help and counseling.

Drug Abuse today is a big problem . More overdoses have been happening in the past year from drug abuse. “Across Ohio, someone died from a drug overdose every two hours and 52 minutes on average all year long in 2015. That's 8 people a day”. This is a problem we can’t ignore. In the county , Hamilton County in 2016 there has been shown heroin overdoses dropped to 10 to 15 a day. This is a big problem and needs to be changed.

People that do drugs should not go to jail. They should have to go to a rehabilitation center and get the help they need to be clean. When an addict breaks the law and they have to serve time in jail they should not be allowed out early and they should have to do a treatment program and prove that they are clean and sober. Your efforts on this matter could help save lives, and give children their parents back or need them the most and some kids will be able to go back home to their families.



Writer, By Join Together Staff. "New Data Show Millions of Americans with Alcohol and Drug Addiction Could Benefit from Health Care R - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids." Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. N.p., 28 Sept. 2010. Web. 07 Nov. 2016.

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