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Poverty in Ferriday LA

Dear President,

       I want you to do something about the poverty in Ferriday,Louisiana.  A lot of work is needed to be done here. There are buildings that need to be torn down, roads that need to be fixed, and jobs need to be created for our residents. This little area is very poor and nobody feels the need to help the town get picked up and get to looking better, the only person to turn this around  is you the next President  of the United States.

       Another thing is the water, it is horrible here. The water is a big problem, the water is brown and full of all kinds of stuff and these kids and grown ups have to drink and bath in dirty water and i don't think that is right something needs to be done. My school is in the same area we had that dirty water until our school decided to get a private water well. Honestly if they can do it for the school i thing the government can do it for this little town that needs help and that is poor. The schools education grading level is bad. This is because they adults and kids don't see any positive things out of this town because of the way it looks and because no one with high authority is coming in the help or to make a change. That is all the people want is to see change in there town and see more positive things happen in this area.

        Help is needed and a lot of it. I hope when you read this that this will touch your heart. If you don't do it for anything else do it for the kids here so they can live a good life and not have the life of going in and out of tell because they sell drugs to support their family because they cant find a job in the poor area in which the stay in. Lets turn this poor town around.

 Sincerely , Freddie Mango

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