Yessica C. Texas

Why Drug Addiction should Be Solved

I'm writing about how drugs can affect the U.S in a bad way

Dear future president

 I'm here to say that drugs is a up coming problem in the U.S in 2017, I think that making better laws on how to obtain drugs. Over 20 million Americans over the age of 12 have a addiction to drugs as result  100 people die everyday from drug abuse making it 5 million EMT visits in 2011 drug related. This can cause an unstable home environment for children or adults who have a family member with a drug addiction it can also cause mental illness. I think a 6 month check up or mental check up with the doctors can be a good way to solve this issue also more information on rehab on how it can help people with drug addiction can be a good way too. The government also can make high schools, colleges and work places talk about how drugs can affect your live in a bad way. I really think solving drug addiction in the U.S can really help the economic and can also bring down crime rates down.