Ethan B. Iowa

eminent domain abuse

the government need to stop stealing farmers land.

Dear future president:

My name is Ethan I live in oskaloosa, Iowa and I am in 8th grade at Oskaloosa Christian school.

I am writing to you to talk eminent domain abuse the government is just going and building stuff on farmland like the Dakota access pipeline. The government just building it on farmers land without really giving them a choice. Farmers need their farmland because with no land they have no place to plant seeds if they can't plant their seeds they won't get a crop and with no crop they have nothing to sell and if they have nothing to sell they can't make any money. If farmers have nothing to sell then manufactures don't get the meat or grain that they need to make the products that everyone need to live like food

This issue matters to me because i am a farmer with my dad we don't have any land with the pipeline on but almost all my friends dads do. They ripped through tile lines and are making my friends dad replace them all and tile isnt cheap.

You should care about it because your the government and you don't want farmers mad at you because they grow your food. America needs farmer and even more farmers because no farms no food. And if you don't have food you're dead.