Jewel B. Iowa


Homework is a stressor to a lot of kids in this generation. I think we should have a limit on homework.

Dear President,

Imagine that you are at school one day and you get assignments in every class, you don’t understand any of the assignments. Then you wait until you get home and you spend 3 hours on your homework. That isn’t fun at all, right? That is why I think we should limit homework you get at every school. There are a lot of side effects of getting homework, so keep reading and you’ll figure out!

I am writing about this because there are a lot of people who can be affected by this. Kids already spend 7 hours in school, which is a full day. After school kids should be able to relax because our brains are not developed yet. We also need to have free time and exercise because jumping from 7 hours of school to 3 hours of homework is not fun at all.

Some effects of having homework are headaches, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, weight loss, and stomach problems. Also if we do not get exercise and be in the sun it can be very crucial to our own health. Homework is a stressor to your body and you can get a lot of symptoms from it.

I care about this because one day I got a lot of assignments and didn’t have time to get them done in class or study hall. After school I had a volleyball game and then went to a high school volleyball game. Once I got home, I had a lot of homework to do! So I started my homework at 9 and then stayed up until 12 to do it. I was tired the next day because I stayed up late and that was not fun.

They did a study at Stanford about homework and this is the evidence they found on how it affects the world. 56% of students said homework was a primary source of stress, 43% viewed tests as primary stressor, 33% put pressure to get good grades in the category, and less than 1% of the students said homework wasn’t a stressor.

A solution for the effects of homework could maybe be instead of teachers giving out big assignments for practice, they could give a small assignment, grade it, and see if the class understands it. If they don’t, they could talk about it again in class. The teachers could also maybe give us an assignment to do outside such as find leaves of different colors, take pictures of different birds, etc.

I think that teachers should give less homework to keep kids from getting headaches, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, weight loss, and stomach problems. Giving less homework would help kids a lot because we wouldn’t have as much stress. I think that there should be a limit or a law for the homework we get because it can damage your body.


Jewel B.