Seth W. Iowa

College Tuition

College tuition costs too much and is the cause for a lot of debt

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter to address a very important topic to myself and others. I want to talk about the cost of college being too high. I believe that with the cost of college tuition being so high, it leads people to be in debt that most of the time is too high to pay off for a while.

There are approximately 40 million people that are still having to pay off student loans. That is a lot of debt. If there is an average of $30,100 worth of debt for 40 million people, that ends up being a whole lot of money. If there is that much debt, then people shouldn’t have to pay for student loans. If we were to drop the amount of money it costs to pay for tuition and books, then we wouldn’t have all the debt there is.

So if college was free to attend, there would be some issues with it. Professors and people that work at the universities wouldn’t nearly get paid as much as they do when college isn’t free. Since some of the money that is generated from tuition gets paid to the professors, it means that less money is paid to the university staff. It also means that those professors get less income to help raise their children.

There are reasons that tuition is so high. It’s because the public funding for higher education was cut. This lead to universities having to raise the cost of tuition to generate more money. Over the past 35 years, college tuition has quadrupled. It might keep going up and this could lead to more problems with debt.

I personally believe that college costs too much to attend. Others may think different, but this is my belief. There is already too much debt, and there will be even more if the cost of college goes up. I ask you, future President, to lower the cost of college to lower and potentially get rid of debt.


Seth W.