Mikeely D. Iowa


Everyone should have a home.

To our next President,

Homelessness. A condition of people without a permanent dwelling, like a house or apartment. Approximately 643,067 people are homeless. Out of that 238,110 of them are families. About 25% suffer from some sort of mental illness, 13% are Fleeing domestic violence, and 12% are veterans.

I do not think this is okay. People are living on the streets and in tents with only the clothes on their back. What about the camps these people set up but the city tears them down? These camps may be the only thing they have. The city should not be trying to eliminate these people by taking away their stuff or making them move. Maybe our country should give more funding to people in need. Hopefully our next president can help this crisis.

Mental disorders leave many people living on the streets. More than one fifth of homeless people have a mental disorder. Many people are not getting the help they need, thus making it hard for them to find a home and a job. Our government needs to provide temporary homes.

Many Veterans also live on the streets. Veterans are 50% more likely to become homeless because of poverty. People who serve our country come home to no where to call home? There isn't always enough room in government housing, leaving people with nowhere to go. I believe that something needs to be done about this.

Homelessness is caused by no money to afford a place to live. So, this is also caused by unemployment. I think if anybody really wants to and is determined we can greatly decrease homelessness as a whole.