Bryn Iowa

Homeless Veterans

Homeless Veterans need help.

Dear Future President,

I think a problem that America needs to focus on is the amount of Homeless Veterans. How is it that the people who used to serve and protect this country no longer have a home?

The military doesn’t get paid nearly as much as they should. The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans says the extreme shortage of affordable housing, livable income and access to healthcare-a large order of this causes post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse, which are compounded by a lack of family and social support networks. What veterans need is a secure, safe, clean housing, that also offers a supportive environment free of drugs and alcohol. Veterans also need is nutritional meals, basic physical health care, substance abuse care and aftercare, mental health counseling, personal development and empowerment.

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs says that the nation's homeless veterans are mainly male, with 9% being female. Mostly all homeless veterans are single; live in urban areas; and suffer from mental illness, with roughly 45% of all homeless veterans are African American or HIspanic. Approximately 9% are between 18 and 30, and 41% being between the ages of 31 and 50.

I think the men and women who served our country and put their lives on the line for us should be given homes. I think that’s the least we can do, considering we don’t even realize half the time what they do for us.

With all the facts and information, I think it's clear to say that America needs to think big, and help the homeless. I know it may not be easy, but I think it’s an issue we need to solve.